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Before/After Installation

Things you should know...

Ronnie's Carpets would like to thank you for purchasing your new flooring from us. Below are some guidelines that will help the installation of your new flooring to go smoothly. We hope this will answer any questions you might have about the installation process.
Time of Installation: When scheduling your installation, we are unable to give an exact time. You will be given an A.M. or P.M. time frame, and you may call the morning of your installation to get an approximate time for the installer to arrive.
Preparing for  Installation: Before the installer arrives, it is important for you, the customer, to remove all small items such as books, lamps, dishes, collectibles, clothes, shoes, etc., from the area where your new flooring will be installed. The installer will only move furniture in preparation for the installation. There will be an extra charge for moving large, heavy items such as pool tables, pianos, hospital beds, appliances, etc. Please note that we do not move waterbeds or gas appliances. We also do not disconnect or reconnect cables for electronics (television & stereo equipment, computers, etc.).
Baseboards, shoe molding or quarter round for the area of installation should be discussed with your salesperson prior to installation.
Electricity & Water:  It is important for the installer to have electricity on-site for any tools that the job requires. Also, the installer must have access to water in order to mix grout, thinset, levelers, etc., required for proper installation as well as to clean tools.
If we are required to furnish a generator on-site, there will be an additional charge of $55.00 per day for this service.

Warranty: Ronnie's Carpets guarantees all flooring installation for one year from the date of installation unless otherwise stated. If you have any issues with your flooring, please contact us as soon as you have any concerns. If there is a problem, we want to quickly correct it.
Seams & Footprints: We are not able to guarantee that carpet seams will be completely invisible. The visibility of seams varies according to the type and color of carpeting as well as the room lighting.
Also note that all carpeting may show footprints and vacuum marks. All carpeting will crush, matt, fuzz and stain. This is a characteristic of the material
and not a defect.
Disposal of Old Carpeting:  The  installer  will dispose of the old carpeting from the job site free of charge unless you have made other arrangements with your salesperson. If you want to keep the old carpeting, please let the salesperson or installer know this before work has begun.
Vinyl Installation: If new vinyl is being installed over the top of old vinyl, you should clean the old flooring prior to installation to remove any waxes, grease, dirt, etc. Ammonia and water is very effective for this.
Unforeseen Problems: When giving you an estimate on your new flooring, it is not possible for our salesperson to see what is underneath the existing flooring. In order to provide you with a quality floor that will last, it is sometimes necessary to make repairs to the subfloor. These necessary repairs are sometimes only evident once the old flooring has been removed. (Examples: water damage, cracks or unevenness, wavy concrete, movement in the floor, etc.). If problems are discovered during the installation process, you will only have an additional charge for the installer's time and materials needed to make the necessary repairs. You will be contacted for approval prior to any work or additional charges that are not included in your orginal contract.

What We Are Not Responsible or Liable For: Ronnie's Carpets and our installers are not responsible/liable for wires or cables running down baseboards, around walls or under carpeting; tuning of pianos; disconnecting & reconnecting electronic equipment; leaks from the tank-to-bowl seals in toilets; or minor damage to fresh paint. The customer is responsible for any paint touchups needed on walls, baseboards, or trim molding once installation is complete.
Doors & Thresholds: Purchasing flooring that is thicker than the existing flooring may require trimming the bottom of interior and exterior doors so that they will open and close properly. Thresholds may also need to be replaced with another type in order to accummodate the new flooring. Ronnie's Carpets does not provide these services, but they are usually available through a carpenter or handyman. It is the responsibility of the customer to make these arrangements if needed.
Please Note: Color or shading may vary somewhat between dye lots in flooring causing a slight difference between flooring samples and actual product. This is a normal part of manufacturing and not a defect.
Payment: Payment is due upon completion of work.The installer should present you with an invoice and is authorized to accept your payment. Please make checks payable to: RONNIE'S CARPETS, INC. If you are paying by credit card, please call our store to authorize charges to your card.
After  Installation:
You can walk on your new Carpet as soon as the installer is finished.

For Sheet Vinyl, it is best to wait 24 hours before placing furniture on the new floor. You can walk on the new vinyl as soon as installer leaves. If you are moving your own appliances, always use plywood runways, even when using a dolly, to avoid tearing your new floor.

Vinyl Tile can be walked on immediately, but wait four to five days before washing it.

Hardwood Floors can accept foot traffic within 12 hours of installation.

Ceramic Tile should not be walked on at all until after it is grouted, or for 24 hours after setting if grouting is delayed. After grouting, wait at least four hours before walking on the new floor, and wait 48 hours before resuming normal traffic to prevent mixing soil into the grout. On the day following grouting, use a dry terrycloth towel to remove any haze remaining on the tile. For tough haze spots, use a nonmetallic scrub pad (such as those used to clean nonstick cookware).
Dust: The installation of your new flooring may create a substantial amount of dust that will require cleaning on the part of the customer.
Pets: Please note that animal nails can scratch wood, laminate, vinyl, V.C.T. and other solid floor surfaces. Keeping your pets nails trimmed can help to minimize this.
Rugs: Rubber, Latex or Coco-fiber backed rugs are known to discolor floors. Also know that regular carpet mats without any underlayment may scratch or wear your new floor.
Cleaning: Do not use detergents or retail stain removers to clean carpet. Detergents stick to carpet causing dirt to adhere to it more easily. Blot spills with a paper towel. For stains, use Spot Out (available from Ronnie's Carpets) or have it professionally cleaned. Carpet should be vacuumed regularly (two to five times per week, depending on traffic).
Ronnie's Carpets stocks cleaners for Wood, Laminate, Vinyl and Vinyl Tile recommended by the flooring manufacturers. These cleaners are effective and comparable in price to store-bought cleaners, and they are guaranteed to be safe for your floor.

Do not wax a no-wax floor.
For Ceramic Tile, regular sweeping followed by a damp mopping with a no-rinse cleaner is recommended. Many of the no-rinse cleaners that we carry for vinyl are also effective on ceramic tile.
Note: Ronnie's Carpets now offers professional cleaning for carpets as well as ceramic tile floors and walls. Manufacturers recommend having floors professionally cleaned every 12 to 18 months. Give us a call to schedule a free estimate to have your floors professionally cleaned.
We strive for excellent customer service every step of the way. From purchase to installation, we want to make sure you're satisfied. Please share your experience online today so that we can provide you with even better service tomorrow. You can access a survey form at  to provide your comments. We appreciate you taking the time to complete ths survey.
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